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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wad beyond godly makeup skills....

How can one turn this.....

Into this??????

This is just mind-bogglingly, stupifyingly awesome makeup skills. Unbelievable......

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dumb bimbo rants......

Most of the time, if you have nothing good to say...i believe it would always be better to shut up or keep the thoughts to yourself. However, this is not the case for a UCLA student aka the dumb bimbo blonde of an abomination known as alexander wallace. She had to open her not so smart mouth and had the audacity to post her racist rant video on youtube. People know in this day and age, you do not piss off the asian population which accounts for 60% of the world's spit from every asian in the world is enough to drown a person a thousand times over...Too bad for Alexander, she didn't know better and had to post this video that gives a whole new meaning to racism....she will insult your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents and even your 祖宗十八代 if given the chance. Words do not have the power to describe how insulted i felt as an asian after watching the it yourself.....

Dumb twat....wad in the world is she doing in the library anyways....studying non the less.....and she even used the word 'epiphany' which i doubt she even knows the meaning off.....Anyways, she got wad she deserved and is an EX-UCLA student now....and i bet she has to move somewhere deserted, change her name and have plastic surgery done to avoid the wrath of the entire asian population. Cheers and good luck to that.

And once again it goes to show that do not ever pick a fight with us asians....we have strength in numbers....and we are very creative too....take this guy for example.....

I just love this song.....quirky, funny and has a catchy melody to boot....thumbs way way up for Jimmy wong...proud to have you looking out for us asians!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Datuk T?

What do Malaysian Politicians do when they have too much free time on their hands? People like Datuk T(stands for a trio of Datuks, hence the T) get involved in a sex video scandal. And we elect these people to lead our government and our people. Some bright future we have....oh joy.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Rants....

Back when we were kids.....happiness was just so much easier to could be as simple as getting an ice cream treat....flying a kite would never fail to bring a smile to my face....

Things are so much more complicated nowadays.....true happiness always seems just out of reach...nothing is as simple and innocent as it was in the past.

People say one thing and they mean another....they hide behind their smiling facades never showing their true colors. Every single action you do will be judged...what gives them the right to judge me anyways???...i will be judged when the time comes....but not by you.....

Life is too short to waste it trying to please all the people around me...i shall live it as i see fit and i shall charge forward head on! Some may see it as immature but i dun wan to live a life full of regrets and what could have beens....that is a miserable existence....So if i happen to piss anybody off while living my life....sorry....and F*ck you very much! Screw all the haters out there.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bakpoh Movie Review: The Fighter

Finally found the time to watch The Fighter this weekend. I wasn't really expecting much right from the start because some friends did say that the movie was quite boring. Luckily, they were wrong....this movie is hands down one of the best movies i have seen this is that damn good...This totally deserves the Oscar wins. From the very beginning of the movie, i was gripped and could not stop is that damn good...

The Plot

The Fighter tells the story if Micky 'Irish' Ward, when he was in his early years being trained by his brother before eventually becoming pro. Micky has to face countless trials and tribulations before finally achieving his dream as a professional boxer. Along the way, Micky comes to terms with what he really wants for himself and emerges from the shadow of his brother's earlier success to make a name for himself.

My Thoughts

Through the life of Micky Ward, The Fighter inspires all of us to succeed even when all odds are against us. After watching the movie, I felt that I was given and intimate look at the life of a boxer. Christian Bale once again shines as the troubled crack addict brother of boxer Micky Ward. He really brings the Dicky character to life and makes the audience both hate and like him at the same time. Mark Wahlberg also does sufficiently well as the main protagonist of the story and the audience will be rooting for him as he struggles with his boxing career and a very very dysfunctional family. All the other supporting casts were great and they really helped to make the movie that much more intense. I especially liked Micky's trainwreck of a mother who pretty much brought most of the havoc into Micky's already struggling career. The well choreographed fights in the movie also helped to make the movie that much more exciting and kept the tempo up. All in all, The Fighter is an awesome movie. Intense, inspirational and also touching. Catch it if you have the chance!

The Pros

Great casts and colorful characters. Wonderfully choreographed fight scenes. Film-making at its very best.

The Cons

I'd say I can't think of one at this point of time. The movie is that damn good!

Bakpoh Rating

A perfect score of 5/5 for such a downright awesome movie. Makes you wish all movies can be this good!

Oh one more thing, don't forget the trailer.....

Friday, March 18, 2011

What is wrong with this world?

Came across this article today....

A virgin was raped by a 95kg brute out in the plain sight...and none of the motorists that passed by stopped to help...wad has this world come to? You see someone getting raped and u couldn't even be bothered to stop????? What happened to just simply helping your fellow human being???

The world really is going to hell....if only that one passerby bothered to stop and lend a hand...everything would have turned out different...the girl would be spared the torment of being violated by a 95kg monster....she would be scarred for life...

Really makes me sad that more and more cases like this happen each day...what has the world come to? No longer will people reach out their helping hand to those in need...

I pray that the rapist gets wad he deserves...and when it's his turn to leave the face of this earth, may his soul rot in hell for eternity!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bakpoh Movie Review: Rango

Last week I had the chance to catch Rango before going for a friend's wedding and here is the review. Wad is Rango you might ask? Rango is the latest animated flick to hit the silverscreen and it stars non other than the very very talented Johnny Depp. The trailer looked OK and was somewhat funny. I entered the cinema without much expectation and I came out pleasantly surprised after movie. It was actually quite good.

The Plot

In short, Rango is about this pet chameleon that ends up stranded in the desert after an accident. He winds up in a town called 'Dirt' and coincidentally becomes the town's sheriff. From there, his adventure of self discovery takes flight...that's all I have to say for the movie's plot, don't want to spoil it for those who haven't had the chance to catch it.

My Thoughts

For an animated movie, Rango is pretty good but not exactly fantastic. The characters are very unique and not what we are commonly used to. Rather than designing characters that are cute and cuddly like most of the animated characters out there, the animators created characters that really have an edge to them, the villains in this movie are downright sinister and some might even call them ugly. There are quite alot of funny moments and I enjoyed every single one. Johnny Depp definitely brought much charm and character to the main character. You will be rooting for Rango as he gets tangled in all sorts of predicaments, one after another. The animation is flawless and smooth, and the pace of the movie is just about right. There is also enough action to keep the audience entertained. All in all, not a bad movie for the family.

The Pros

Besides the fact that Johnny Depp is in it, watch this movie for its trippy and unique story. Queer and comical characters also makes it that much more enjoyable. Animation is flawless too.

The Cons

For the cons, I don't think that kids below the age of 7 will enjoy this movie. The characters aren't cute enough and are unsuitable for kids in this age group. The storyline might also be a little bit too complex for them to comprehend.

Bakpoh Rating

A very well deserved 4/5 for this animated feature that dares to be different from the mainstream animated features. We need more movies like this to keep this genre interesting.

And last but not's the trailer: